Are you ready to step into your most beautiful version?


Hello, beautiful being. There is something in you that wants to be seen, felt, heard, and brought to life. You are here to release everything that is holding you back, so you can make that happen. You are here to embody your most beautiful version and have the life that will fulfill you the most.

Your most beautiful version is the version of you that embodies love, joy and peace. Are you ready to let go of everything that is blocking you from experiencing this version of yourself? Do you want to let go of core wound trauma, ancestral trauma, and cyclical patterns, activate your DNA, heal your womb and embody your highest vibrational frequency? Are you ready to live a life that is free of pain, anger, confusion, depression, and loneliness in a way that brings deep, lasting transformational healing?

If your answer is yes, I welcome you with an open heart to work with me. 

I am the embodiment that all of this is possible. And it is available to you too. 

I want to work with you 🤍

The self-discovery series

A free weekly online group guidance every Thursday at 20:00 CEST.


In these free weekly online classes I will teach you how to come into a place of deeper alignment with yourself. I will teach you how to:

  •  Heal core wound trauma, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, sexual trauma.
  •  Reprogram and activate your DNA.
  •  Access your subconscious programs.
  •  Transform cyclical patterns.
  •  Work with your emotions and triggers.
  •  How to release body pains, aches and tension.
  •  Move from a state of survival to a state of presence.
  •  Maintain a healthy spiritual hygiene.
  •  Clear your chakras and energy bodies.
  •  Create awareness on your multidimensional being and the importance of this work.
  •  Clear energetic cords.
  •  Break contracts that are no longer serving you.
  •  Transcend the illusions of the matrix.
  •  Heal your body, mind and spirit.
  •  Integrate fractals of the soul.
  •  Balance your feminine and masculine energy.
  • Increase your energetic capacity.
  •  Embody you most authentic expression.
  •  Align yourself with the aspirations of your heart.
  •  Reconnect with the SELF.
start your self-discovery journey

It’s Time To Love Yourself Again

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.

Extensive group guidance


When you learn how to effectively look at the multidimensional being that you are, you will understand that the same core wound is affecting every single aspect of your life. Your job, your relationships, your surroundings, your physical body, your ability to connect with yourself and the world around you, the way you manifest and co-create, your capacity to feel, give, and receive love, and so much more. Healing these core wounds will allow you to move from a state of survival to a state of being, enabling you to experience life in a way that feels fulfilling.

You have the capability to learn how to do this work. For most people, it takes practice to be able to do this work for themselves. For that reason, I have created a group for the students who are fully committed to transforming their lives and who want to learn everything about alchemizing vibrational frequency and becoming conduits of high frequencies. 

The aim of my extensive group guidance sessions is to help you increase your self-healing ability by teaching you the depths of many healing modalities and to give you a deeper understanding of how you can heal yourself and transform your life. 

I want to know more

These are the benefits


There are many reasons why you should join the group guidance. During these bi-weekly live sessions you will:

  • Deepen everything you learned from the Discovery Series and more...
  • Energetic support from the guides
  • Learn about embodiment practices (shamanic shaking, qigong, energetic movement practice)
  • Have the opportunity to grow with me
  • Have a supportive community around you
  • The possibility to ask questions about your processes
  • Experience a strengthen level of commitment  

Be the first group to learn about this transformative work!

Yes, I want to join!


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



Donation based ♥️

  • Free weekly class
  • Thursday's at 20:00 CEST starting from November 2nd, 2023



Early bird price until 21/11! Regular price €299

  • Extensive group guidance
  • 8 online sessions every two weeks 
  • Starts on December 5th, 2023
  • Energetic movement practices



Limited spots!

  • Group guidance
  • 3 individual guidance calls of 60 to 90 minutes (value of €450)
  • WhatsApp and email support.

If you wish to pay in multiple payments or with iDeal, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] to receive the payment link ❤️.

Mentorship program


Are you experiencing difficulties in your healing and transformational work? Or do you need extra support from a shamanic and intuitive perspective? In my mentorship program, I use my channeling gifts to create a program that will help you make the transformation that is essential for you at this moment in time. 

The mentorship program has a duration of 4+ months depending on the guidance received from the guides, who will be assisting us during this process, making it easier and more effective for us to navigate our journey together. During this time, we will meet once a week. Each month, we will have two mentoring sessions of 90 to 120 minutes and two check-up sessions of 60 minutes.

Working from a shamanic perspective means that we will consciously tap into the multidimensional being that you are to address the things that are blocking you from embodying your highest expression. I will support you every step of the way, in a safe space filled with compassion, warmth, and loving guidance. 

We will navigate this process at the pace and depth that feel more aligned with you at this moment in time. The more you can integrate in the weeks in between, the deeper we will be able to go.

In essence, through a blend of intuitive guidance, regression therapy, spiritual insights, and practical tools, we will co-create a personalized journey that aligns with your unique aspirations and heart-centered desires. We will focus on cultivating self-awareness, self-reflection, and personal responsibility while emphasizing the importance of self-love, so you can align with the most beautiful version of yourself.

The investment in mentoring with me starts at a minimum of €1440 (for a period of 4 months), depending on what the guides have to say about your process and the length of our time together.

If you are interested in mentoring with me, please fill out the form below, and I will reach out as soon as possible.

Mentorship program

I am excited to embark on this healing and awakening journey with you. 

Other services

You can contact me for my womb healing work by sending an email to [email protected]