When you have a clear intention
and are committed with heart and soul
we welcome your for our Mentorship Program


Do you feel the calling?

As spiritual mentors and shamanic healers we offer a very unique form of mentoring to those who are ready to fully experience their life as spiritual beings.

If you feel called to commit to the deeper work and have a clear intention we have a one-on-one Mentorship Program.

We recognize that it is highly beneficial for some to be guided intensively through a longer period so that they can grow, heal and transform. For them we have created the possibility to be guided in a very personal and meaningful way. 

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The program

In this program we work with your unique intention. Having a clear intention is the key element that will bring commitment en purpose into your hearts desire. 

When the subject you want to be guided in is clear, we create a customized course of action in which we guide you through all the steps that are necessary to accomplish your aspirations. 

At the school of the Heart we work from a shamanic tradition and we guide our students in a spiritual and holistic way. Working in a spiritual way means that we use the forces of creation in such a manner to integrate them in our human experience. Therefore this program is based on action and invites you to go into the world and do the work necessary to evolve. Only when we embody the change that we want to see in our belief systems and in our deeds and integrate them in our emotional, mental and physical state we can truly transform. 

You are welcome whether you want to heal, need assistance in your awakening or spiritual matters, want to manifest a new way of being, create a new business or work on personal relationships. There are a lot of possibilities and because your intention is unique we welcome you to share with us what is in your heart. We will guide you in the process of your growth with love and care.


The Mentorship Program will be guided online through a duration of eight sessions. The investment for the program is €1800 incl. VAT. We will talk intensively about your intention, share with you the wisdom of how the forces of this creation work so you can align with these forces in your manifestation, we will question you and challenge you and we will give you homework accordingly to what is necessary for your development.

When you have a clear intention and are committed with heart and soul we welcome your for our Mentorship Program.

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