Integration Program

Plant medicines do not
fully heal us

Many of us choose to work with plant medicines as a way to heal and to spiritually awaken.
However, the truth is that plant medicines do not do the healing for us. 

Once we ask the sacred plants to heal us, our unhealed parts are brought to the surface, light radiates over our shadows and what has been suppressed for many years or even lifetimes manifests itself into the present so that it can be transformed.

It is in this moment that the plants will awaken our consciousness, they will present to us new possibilities of being and they will point us towards the places that are misaligned. However, plant medicines will not fully heal us without our own personal effort and dedicated commitment to integrate the insights after the ceremony has ended.

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The profound importance
of integration

Sacred plants can bring us to the core of who we are, we may feel enlightened for a bit, but when we are not committed to fully integrate our experiences these feelings of enlightenment can start to fade away very quickly. Leaving you behind in dispair, thinking that you need another ceremony or that you need to go deeper. The truth is that when we do not integrate our ceremony the hope that we feel in the period after the ceremony can easily turn into frustration. We wonder how to stay connected to the space plant medicine opened in us.

At the School of the Heart we are aware that the real ceremony starts the moment that you go out into the world again. This is the moment when the Universe starts testing you about whether you really understood the meaning of your ceremony with the Sacred Plants. Going back to the 'old' world as a new person can be quite challenging and can bring difficulties in your day-to-day life. You may find yourself not knowing how to cope with this new awakened version of yourself. 

It does not matter what you are going through right now. We understand the profound importance of integrating your plant medicine experience in a way that is comprehensive to you.



Sincere integration work is important and it can be the reason your Plant Medicine experience completely changes your life for the better.

When we do not make the effort to change after a ceremony with these Master Teachers, old habits can soon reappear and you can find your self sliding back into your old self. It can be worse than before because you know in your heart that things can and should be different and feelings of disappointment may come to the surface.

In ceremony we may see beautiful visions about the future, but if we are not willing to make the necessary changes this vision will only be a mere remembrance of something that could have been. If we like what we see it is up to us to bring that into existence through hard work, courage, dedication and committed action. There are also times we are confronted with pains from the past that take time and effort to heal. Only when we are fully committed to change old habits and allowing the walls of conditioning to crumble we can start embodying the essence of our being.


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Learn to fully integrate the visions and insights of your plant medicine work

Our aim is to help you integrate your plant medicine experience into tangible teachings, practices, and tools, whilst guiding you towards your divinity within.

We want you to create the life that is meant for you by learning to fully integrate the visions and insights of your plant medicine work. We want your ceremony and your awakened consciousness to become your new embodied reality, rather than a momentary experience of bliss.

We encourage work with plant medicines as part of your healing journey and we encourage taking the time to integrate even more. Sometimes we do not need more ceremonies, we need more integration. In some cases further ceremonial work does not helps anymore. Sometimes we just need to allow our system to take in the many teachings that we have received during our ceremonies.

quote sometimes we don't need more ceremonies we need more integration

The foundation of the plant medicine integration program

At our school we can help you integrate your ceremony with plant medicine, to ground the work that you have done with the Master Teachers, and to integrate the teachings, visions and experiences in your daily life so that you can heal more profoundly and grow from the deepest place of your heart.

While a ceremony may happen during a single night, a long-weekend or during weeks of dieta, to fully integrate certain subjects sometimes weeks, months and even years of support may be needed. Some teachings are so profound that they can be difficult to integrate on your own. We believe that everybody deserves support on their healing path and we feel honored to be of service.

 In our plant medicine integration program we guide you to:

  • Interpret the visions and experiences of your ceremony and/or dieta
  • Release what no longer serves you anymore to come in alignment with your Highest Self
  • Learn to embody more of who you truly are
  • Apply practices and tools in a shamanic and holistic way so you can transform your life

When you apply for our plant medicine integration program you will receive expert guidance from shamans that have deep understanding of the processes you have been through or are experiencing.

Grow from the deepest
place of your heart

Our 4 to 6 month program is designed to help you grow from the deepest part of your heart. We will embark on this journey together with you and we will create a safe online environment where we can assist you from the comfort of your home. We will have an online session every 3 to 4 weeks with the intention to integrate this new version of yourself within your being.

Our plant medicine integration program is for you if:

-  You've had a ceremony in the past 6 months and need support in your integration process

-  You need guidance in understanding your experience at the core

-  You would love to have guidance from shamans that understand the map of healing and the way of the sacred plants

Your investment:
€1500 incl. VAT.
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