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 Sacred sexuality is the source of your creations and the expression of the deepest aspirations of your heart. Sacred sexuality in full expression is you in your innocence, in your power, and in your Divinity. It is you as an active, free, and conscious creator full of life, joy, love, and abundance. 

When we want to awaken our true selves and liberate ourselves from all the limitations of our lives, then we need our sexual energy. It is this energy that moves our souls. Our body is a magnificent container in which the soul has the possibility to anchor its light here on earth. This light is our sexual energy. It is the force that fuels and enlightens our most valuable asset, which is our heart. The place that lets us experience love. The fully awakened heart creates a life in flow. However, for us to be able to anchor this Divine Light within our hearts, it is essential that we learn to allow the free flow of our sexual energy and to remove all obstacles, limitations, suppression, and hindering belief systems that are restricting us from expressing what is in our hearts. We cannot experience the true meaning of love when there is nothing fueling the heart, and we cannot give and receive unconditionally when the heart is not receiving what it needs to function. The heart needs sexual energy in order for it to come into full expression.

I want to express my heart

 Our sexuality is the fundamental energy that moves us through life. All our manifestations, from starting a business to giving life to a child, are created through our sexual energy. Everything that needs to be processed, healed, discovered, or understood is awakened by this life force inside of you. 

Through time, there has been a lot of misunderstanding of the sexual energy in our body, which has created distortions and suppression and hindered us from truly expressing who we are. We have lost the natural flow of life and are struggling to manifest gracefully from the heart. We have learned to live life from a place of survival, with enormous stress and many concessions. These misunderstandings hinder the free flow of energy in our bodies and lives, thus hindering free expression. When we liberate our sexual energy, we deepen our experiences of bliss and become free, joyful, and loving creators. This sexual awakening illuminates every part of your life. It guides you to fulfilling and ecstatic experiences and fulfills the aspirations of your heart.

On a deeper level, we, as humans, are transcending and evolving from a self-gratification state of consciousness into universal love, unity, and harmony. The inner call of our hearts is inviting us to experience our Divine state as gods and goddesses. This state of awareness can only be achieved when we place our sexuality in our hearts. 


We live in a beautiful time, full of opportunities, where the purpose of sexual energy is evolving. As energies increase on this earth to help us in our self-realization and awakening processes, we are moving towards a less dense existence. As a consequence, our bodies need to be able to handle these energetic changes in order to sustain life. All that is dense wants to soften, all that is constricted wants to expand, and all that is stuck requests to be liberated so that we can enter the space of our hearts fully.

The great opportunity lies in using this life force to awaken dormant powers and to open our hearts to the higher vibrational frequencies that will awaken our full potential. Training your ability to direct and free the power of your sexual energy will guide your healing journey and your process of evolution. By knowing how to direct this powerful sexual energy, we open up the higher channels of energy in our bodies and become conscious creators.

Liberating, understanding, and awakening your sexuality will open your heart, heal you, and transform you into the vibrant, loving, free, and magnetic being that you are.

I am ready to open my heart
Module 1

In this introductory module, we will go in depth about what sacred sexuality is, the importance of bringing this energy into the heart, and its healing and transformative power. We open ourselves to how the energy of our sexuality is the force of our awakening and create a strong foundation for this journey. There will be many practices so that we can start to re-awaken our sexual energy. 


Module 2

We continue this course at the root of your being. This is the place where you are connected to your physical self and to your ‘I am-awareness’. We start liberating the blockages that make life a place of survival and opening up our roots so that we can bring vibrancy and freedom to our energy and let our sexual creation force rise. This module is the start of creating a life that is connected to your true selves.

Module 3

In this module, we tap into the power of our emotional body and feelings. We will free and explore this connection and experience that this is essential to letting our sexual energy move freely and in flow. This will enable us to tap into our creativity and the power of relationships. Our emotional body carries the wisdom of our desires, and we will go into deep exploration to connect our desires with the aspirations of our hearts.


Module 4

Now that we have connected deeply with our roots and created flow in our bodies, it is time to enter the center of our power. Here, we will learn to transcend the feelings of "I want" into the knowing of "I can." We will go in depth to explore our inner power because only when we have complete mastery over our sexual energy and its power can we make the difference between destruction and Divine creation.

Module 5

This module will be all about the heart and its wonderful powers. Here we learn to connect our sexuality—the forces of creation—with the love that is inside our hearts. Awakening our sexuality in the heart is the most essential part of our awakening and evolution; therefore, we will dive deep into the transformative powers of our heart center and how we can co-create from the place of the heart so that we can become our most beautiful versions. 


Module 6

The last module is where everything comes together and where the awakening comes to fruition. This is the time for the full exploration of our sexual energy and its transformative, healing, and creative powers. We open all our senses and the expressions of our love, and we learn to bring all the energies of our sexual life force together into conscious creation. 

 *Every module is full of teachings, practices, and exercises in which you are guided step by step through the full exploration of your sacred sexuality.

  • Experience sexual embodiment and a deeper connection with your heart. 
  • Feel a deeper state of presence and safety in your body. 
  • Have a profound understanding of (your) sexuality.
  • Be able to share your sexuality with others from a place of sacredness and presence. 
  • Be the embodiment of a responsible sexual being; bring action to your aspirations, state your boundaries, and express your needs, and you will be free to experience pleasure with yourself and with others.
  • Find beauty in your darkness, have the tools to heal yourself with your sexual energy, and transform all distortions that block your sexuality.
  • Understand the true aspirations of your heart.
  • Experience life from a place of freedom.
  • Master your emotions and your inner power.
  • Co-create with the Divine force of this reality.
  • Understand the Divine expression of love.
I am ready to embody my sacred sexuality

Our work as shamans has given us the privilege to learn in depth about the many subjects regarding sacred sexuality. Through our personal experiences and the many experiences of our students, we have been shown a comprehensive blueprint on sexuality that is the foundation of this course.

Shamanism holds the belief that everything originates in the spiritual world before it manifests physically. We understand that we cannot fully heal if we don’t look at the origin of what is holding us back. At The School of the Heart, we take the responsibility to look at the origin of our actions and their consequences from a spiritual point of view and how we can change these circumstances with love, ease, and compassion.

We shine light on all the energies that are present in life, the cause and effect, the natural laws, and what happens when these energies are expressed or suppressed. We teach the possibilities to transform the underlying causes of problems, blockages, and diseases. We look at the material and the non-material. The visible and the non-visible. The conscious and the subconscious. We use this approach to guide our students through the full cycle of healing, conscious awareness, and creation. Allowing yourself to work from this perspective will accelerate your growth and transform you into the magnetic being that you are.

Our shamanic approach, combined with our personal experiences and our passionate hearts that move us to be of service and to guide others, is what makes this course the perfect space to explore and embody your sacred sexuality.


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Our aspiration as ‘The School of the Heart’ is to guide everybody who feels the calling through their healing and awakening journey. We understand that not everybody is in a position to be able to financially contribute to this course. For those people, we also do our best to make this course available. With our scholarship, we want to give upcoming students who are not financially able to afford the course in sacred sexuality the opportunity to join the program.

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We will review every application and decide, with the help of our spiritual guides, who the scholarship will be given to. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to accept every application. We hope that, in time, this will change so that we can welcome everybody who feels the calling. In this, we trust in your understanding.

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My spiritual awakening started when I was still studying theater. There was a sudden inner voice that explained to me through which process I needed to go and what I needed to do to open up my inner channel. This was a time when spirituality was not as widely spread as it is today. I trusted my inner voice and started the process, and soon my whole life changed. I became clairvoyant, clairaudient and clear-knowing, and I developed a deep and intimate relationship with my spiritual guides and the Divine. My whole world shifted, and it felt as if I was being guided every step of the way. 

My spiritual guides soon pointed me in the direction of shamanism and advised me to start working with plant medicine, which I did. My first ceremonies were hard work, but the wisdom that the plants shared was profound, and the relationship that I seemed to have with the medicine felt like coming home. There was this deep knowing that I had worked in shamanism for many lifetimes, and that this lifetime was just a continuation of that journey. I fell in love again with this deep and intimate work. 

In the first years of intensive and extensive ceremonies, I was guided to go through countless traumatic experiences, many of which were regarding sexuality. This led to a deep sexual awakening and a period of soul exploration. I learned that as a shaman, I need to understand every aspect my client goes through, deep down to the root. So I went through it all. Death, birth, sexuality, torture, rape, sex magic, guilt, shame, fear, and all you can imagine. 

This gave me the privilege to study this subject from a soul perspective and to journey through all experiences of sexuality: the fully expressed sexual being, the victim of abuse, and the perspectives of the perpetrator. I understood that to change and liberate the sexual force within me, I needed to liberate all. I knew deep down that I chose these experiences for personal and collective growth and that every blockage can be liberated. This was the moment I made peace with myself and with every aspect of life. What happened over time is that a deep sense of compassion fell over me, which opened my heart to help everyone. 

The blessings of these teachings came not only through my own experiences, but also through all the experiences of those who were present in my ceremonies. I noticed that the majority of my clients came to me looking for help on the subject of sexuality. This gave me the opportunity to deepen everything I knew about sexual healing, liberation, and awakening. Within time, this became a master-course in sexuality. 

These teachings made me understand the importance of sexual power, and with this, I received the blessing from my guides and the master plants to step up at this moment in time and to be of service in helping people awaken their sacred sexuality. 

It truly feels like a soul-calling to change the landscape around sexuality. Because what kind of life would my inner child have had if there had been more consciousness around sexuality when he grew up? Or the inner child of all those people in my ceremonies? What would happen if the perpetrator had received healing before they passed on their suffering? 

I feel called to do this for the victims, for the perpetrators, for those that feel stuck, for those that want to grow in conciseness, for the parents, for our children, for the ancestors, and for all the generations to come. I believe that a conscious embodiment of sexuality creates a world full of love. This love is what I aspire to share with the world.

I want to learn from you

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