"Let love be at the center of everything you do."

This is PAOLA

Paola is a channeler, ceremonialist, medicine woman, spiritual teacher and womb shaman. She uses her loving energy to guide you on the path of your soul’s purpose through plant medicine, womb and embodiment work. She is dedicated to help others learn the tools within themselves to truly heal and become the most beautiful version of themselves.

Paola helps woman to access the sacred altar within themselves and to fully transform their lives into a ceremony.

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quote the shaman does not only sees through her eyes she sees through the lenses of her heart

Paola’s journey of remembering started when she suddenly left her body and flew into the world of spirit where she met and talked to her spiritual guides for the first time. She knew after that experience deeply within that her life was about to change forever.

Coming from a background of working in a business environment with meetings, sales and targets she didn’t knew many spiritual people, but she did know one person that could help her with her spiritual awakening. Someone she had met years before that helped her with the intense nightmares that where reappearing every night. She trusted her inner knowing and contacted Mitchell.

Mitchell took Paola under his wing and together they started an intense period of training with and without medicinal plants. Paola learned to open up her inner channels and soon became an expert in communicating with the spiritual realms. When she was ready to share the medicine path she started to assist Mitchell in plant medicine ceremonies where she was trained by her spiritual teachers and the spirits of the Sacred Plants. Working with plants like madre Ayahuasca, abuelo Huachuma, Sacred Cacao and the Medicine of the Rose accelerated her growth rapidly.

Since then, Paola has gone through many shamanic and spiritual initiations that have carved the path for her to be of service to others. 



It was always important to Paola that working in a spiritual way was not dependent on working with plants only. Since the beginning of her journey she felt a deep calling to learn about the full embodiment of the soul and the inner wisdom that lays in our bodies, while still being in close contact to the spiritual realms.

Being able to communicate with the spiritual realms she made intimate friendships with the spirit of San Pedro Huachuma, the spirit of Cacao, the spirit of the Rose, many Ascended Masters and her ally's. She calls upon those connections for assistance while working with people in their spiritual development, growth and healing. 

Her closest connection however and the voice that is the most clear is the voice of the womb. She has answered the call to assist women in the healing of their wombs and to teach them in sisterhood the innate wisdom and creative force that lays in this sacred space. 

Together with Mitchell, Paola has guided hundreds of people in Ayahuasca ceremonies. She has created her platform called ‘My Most Beautiful Version’ where she guides many circles with women and does extensive retreats regarding the healing of the womb. She has also a channeled program called ‘Spiritual Being’, in which she teaches in depth the importance of a strong spiritual foundation. She is a great example to many of what it is to be a living, breathing, powerful and shining woman that teaches the ways of living spiritually, while being fully engaged with life and an open heart.  

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Mitchell is a shaman, spiritual teacher and regression therapist. He believes that our wounds are our medicine, which accompany us profoundly on our journey of personal discovery. He believes that understanding and accepting all the parts of yourself will lead towards healing and transformation. He guides many on the path of the heart.

As a medicine man working with the Sacred Plants these wisdom keepers became Mitchell’s greatest teachers revealing gifts and grace within his wounds. Life became a ceremony full of wonders where he could heal all the broken parts and become the great shaman that he is today.

He is now dedicated to help you hear the guidance of your heart and to assist you in retrieving the parts of your soul that might have been lost and forgotten. If you are ready to live a life full of joy and wonder, he is ready to lead the way.

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When Mitchell was growing up he had a deep inner knowing that everything is possible. With great perseverance he followed this inner calling. Quietly he observed the world around him trying to understand what was going on. Being alive was a magical and wonderful experience, but his surroundings always seemed to be full of pain and problems. He curiously saw this as an invitation to look deeper into the meaning of everything, to see what was at the core of it all. 

In becoming older, life became more challenging and his traumatic upbringing started to catch up with him. There were moments of pain, sadness, despair and anger and moments that he could not feel at all. He knew and felt that he was deeply traumatized and that there were things he could not see, things he could not reach, things he had somehow forgotten. He knew in his heart that the pain he carried with him came from a place much deeper than he could reach.

Then, on an ordinary day, something extraordinary happened. While he was sitting alone in his apartment a voice spoke in his ear with the clearest voice he had ever heard. This voice called him to his initiation. It was an invitation to open his inner channels and to start the relationship with his guides in the spiritual realms and his communication with the divine. In this mystical period a lot of his spiritual gifts opened. This was only the beginning of the path. Soon his spiritual guides pointed him in the direction of shamanism and invited him to start working with the Sacred Master Plants.

Determined to follow this divine calling to heal himself he dove deep into shamanism and went through intensive years of ceremonies, initiations and dietas with many master plants, shamans and medicine men from all over the world. 

He knew that to become a shaman he needed to heal everything that was broken inside of him. He could only heal on the outside what he could healed within. 

Mitchell was able to find grace in his pain and light within his darkness and realized the deeper purpose of his experience growing up; to assist others to liberate and heal themselves from every possible traumatic experience and to guide everyone in the manifestation of their divinity. He transformed from the wounded, into the wounded healer until he was healed and became a shaman.

Mitchell is a medicine men with a heart full of compassion. He guides those who feel called to the medicine path of healing and transformation with love and care. He is very passionate to initiate his students in the ways that open you to the ever present loving guidance and the miracles of life that unfold when we open the chambers of the heart.





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