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The School of the Heart

At the School of the Heart we guide our students on the journey of self discovery, healing and transformation through the path of the heart.

We believe that to awaken the beauty of the compassionate heart we need to learn to liberate ourselves from the conditions that block us from receiving, feeling and giving love. Only then can we truly live with an open heart.

We open our home to every human being who is ready to engage with sincere inner work, to let go of pain, trauma and suffering, and to align themselves with their most beautiful version.

Welcome to The School of the Heart.

Paola & Mitchell

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Our online offerings

There are many ways in which we assist our students at the School of the Heart. We offer regression therapy, personal mentorships and many programs that will help you in your journey on the path of the heart.

We welcome you to explore our website and to find which approach resonates with you.

Healing with

the Sacred Plants

The teachings of the School of the Heart are deeply rooted in our work with and through Plant Medicine. In our ceremonies we guide everybody that wants to heal and grow in consciousness with love and care. We are currently traveling the world and learning even more about this work that is so sacred to us. However, in the time being, we welcome you to explore more about other possibilities to work with us…

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Regression therapy allows you to journey into yourself so you can heal, reveal, discover, understand and remember who you are. 

Whether you have had a traumatic childhood or carry unresolved emotions, fears, pain, resistance, health or relationship issues, there is always a way to heal.

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& Programs

The foundation of our courses and programs is to help you find your own medicine and to give you tangible teachings, practices, and tools so you can start healing from within. We believe that creating consciousness on trauma, liberation, embodiment, purpose, manifestation and integration combined with practical experience is of great guidance when you are on your healing journey. 

Learn more about our Individual Mentorship Program, our Plant Medicine Integration Program and our online courses.

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Our mentorship program is especially created for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation and for those who want to heal in a profound way. We have created this program for students that feel called to commit to the deeper work and most importantly, have a clear intention. 

When you have a clear intention and are committed with heart and soul we welcome you to apply for our Mentorship Program. 

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The heart has many doors that can open a wonderful world full of adventures. 

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